How To Wear Fake Nipples

It’s easy for us here at Just Nips, the girls who wear fake nipples every day, to forget that some people are fake nipple virgins! Hey, we’ve all been there!

So here are our favorite tips and tricks of the nips!

For starters, decide if you’re going to wear a bra or not.

Then choose your level of perkiness.

If you’re going for hard-as-can-be fake nipple vibes, we suggest wearing your Just Nips Fake Nipples on top of your bra. This gives maximum exposure.

If you’re going for a more subtle aesthetic, try Just Nips under your bra for a barely-there-is-she-cold-is-she-not look and feel.

And if you’re somewhere in the middle, stick ‘em on your skin, no bra on top and let them fly free beneath your shirt.

Which is your favorite style?

Just Nips