Breast Cancer: Prosthetic Nipples and Breast Forms


Breast forms are a great option for filling out the natural shape of one or both breasts post mastectomy.

Now what about the nipple?

Wearing Just Nips fake nipples on top of your pre-existing breast form is the best and most cost-effective way to get the natural look of a nipple back. 

Our Original Just Nips Fake Nipples are the best (and cheapest!) way to fill out the natural breast shape. Original Just Nips are lightweight and flexible, perfect to mold over any breast form, both silicone and fabric-covered styles. Original Just Nips are our thinnest prosthetic, meaning that they will never show through your clothes.

Click here to shop Just Nips Original Fake Nipples, the best option for all of your breast form add-on needs. 

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