Why Don’t Just Nips Fake Nipples Look Like “Real” Nipples? 

When we started Just Nips Fake Nipples, we wanted to make a product that fuses both fashion and function. After months of testing every possible shape under the sun, we found that our unique (and now proprietary!) design looks the best under all types of clothes. 

And that’s the point, right?

We kept our edges razor-thin so you’ll never see them through your frilly blouse or favorite white tee. 

We created a double-stacked snowman shape to give you both added height and width that glides effortlessly under any bra or top. 

And as for the cute flower petal Just Nips design, well, isn’t she just adorable? 

Sure, we considered going the “authentic” nipple route, but we wanted to have more fun with our design and create a product that doesn’t remind anyone of going to the plastic surgeon’s office… again. 

Plus, compared to other fake nipples on the breast cancer market, our shape and design allows us to be the most cost-effective. 

So that’s that! Now we offer Just Nips Fake Nipples in 16 (!!!!) different shapes, sizes and colors.

Click here to find out which Just Nips Fake Nipples are best for you. 

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