Which Prosthetic Nipple Is Best For Me?


Here's our guide to choosing which set of prosthetic Just Nips will work for you, no matter what your plans are!

If you’re going for a discreet look:

Our Original Just Nips Cold fake nipples in both cream and cocoa are the optimal choice for keeping this just between us. Our Cold size is the smaller of the two, giving you our “chilly” signature look.

Want to know the best part?

Original Just Nips have razor-thin edges that will never been seen through a blouse or camisole. 

If it’s Ladies Night and you’re going all out with the girls:

Hello ladies! Make a point with Original Just Nips Freezing fake nipples in both cream and cocoa for that extra je ne sais quoi every Ladies Night needs. 

If you’re going to the gym: 

Original Just Nips Cold fake nipples do the trick whether you’re doing interval training or going for a leisurely hike on the Stairmaster. Pro tip: Wear Just Nips over your sports bra and under your Lululemon for optimal performance. 

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom: 

Our Freezing size of Original Just Nips fake nipples are the perfect accoutrement to accent your favorite lingerie. Pop ‘em on to make the girls really stand out, even in the dark. 

If you’re looking to make a big statement: 

Go big or go home! Pink Just Nips Freezing fake nipples are the way to go, no questions here. Plus, with every purchase of Pink Just Nips, we match and donate a set to breast cancer survivors. 

If you’re wearing your favorite Little Black Dress:

Just Nips Freezing Cocoa fake nipples go great with your favorite Little Black Dress.

What’s more?

Our Black Pearl toppers absorb any and all camera flash, perfect for any run-ins with the paparazzi. 

If it’s a beach day

Our Just Nips Swim line was made for fun in the sun. Whether you’re a pool gal or a beach babe, Just Nips Swim stay put under your teeny bikini. 

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