Should I Facebook friend my ex’s most recent ex?

DUH! But if you have some reservations, let’s break it down. What do we know about their split? Was it identical to yours? If so, hello- common ground and instant talking points between you two. Now, let’s say you’re not quite sure (it’s sad but true, mutual friends tend to go dark when you’re too eager for information), so here’s what we can figure out on our own. Details: has anyone blocked anyone yet? Perhaps initially unfollowed but now both parties seem to be following each other again to save face? (This one gets tricky if your ex has you blocked but again, there are ways). Any recent likes from either team? Has her mom unfollowed his cool aunt? Aunt Sherri still follows you so you know any action would have to come from her side. Are all pictures together deleted or just recent ones? Did she get her breakup bob yet? Listen, you’ll find out more when she friends you back so hurry up and get to it. And instead of suggesting “coffee soon xoxo,” go straight to wine. You’ll get more information that way. You both need each other during this difficult time. 

Just Nips