Bumble Collab

It's official! Our collaboration with Bumble App for Breast Cancer Awareness Month was amaaaaazing! We made the cutest Bumble-Yellow Just Nips and sent them out to the Bumble Queen Bee Ambassadors all around the country.

Our founder Molly wrote a post for their blog you can read here:

Just Nips For All x Bumble: A Modern Love Story

I started Just Nips Stick-On Nipples as a fashion company with an emphasis on body positivity and female empowerment. I knew if I loved the extra perky look, I couldn’t possibly be the only person out there who does too. They say that finding opportunity is only a matter of believing it’s there, and the next thing you know, Bella, Kendall and Gigi were rocking the cold look I knew and loved all over DailyMail. That’s the only thing I needed to get started. Well, that and a lot of hot glue. 

From the beginning, aligning with the biggest names in the breast cancer community was a huge priority of ours, being a nipple company and all. Plus, half of our customers are undergoing or have undergone treatment for breast cancer. And the other half, women who wear Just Nips as a fashion statement, certainly know someone who has been affected by the horrific disease. So to me, a partnership seemed like a no brainer, right? Wrong! 

The leading breast cancer institutions wanted nothing to do with Just Nips, despite my calls, emails, in-person pleas and testimonials from women with breast cancer who use our products every single day.

Thoughts like, “maybe it’s because we aren’t pink enough,” or “maybe it’s because nipples are too sexual” (whatever that means), and “maybe it’s my fault I took on more than I can handle” would race through my mind more often than not. But it seemed like every time I felt defeated, an email would come through like this: 

“Your product line is the best alternative I can find since I lost both of my nipples.” - Sydney B.

“Just Nips are so much fun. I wore them all day and started to feel whole again.” - Gabrielle G.

“Another surgery was not in the cards for me financially or emotionally but a friend sent me Just Nips and I don’t even think about going under the knife anymore.” - Patricia R.

“What Just Nips does to help women like me goes beyond…thank you is just too small of an expression.” - Susan F.

Soon enough, my entire outlook changed. I gave up trying to partner with the big names and decided to do it all on my own. If we can’t partner with a leading organization, we’ll just become a leading organization. 

The second I changed my attitude, everything started falling into place even better than I had imagined. We now offer self-check breast exam instruction cards with each and every package we sell, highlighting the importance of early detection. In addition, for every order that comes through our site, we match and donate a set of Just Nips to women who are going through the breast cancer and reconstruction processes, working with treatment centers, support groups and doctors all over the country. 

Partnering with Bumble for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a dream come true. What could be better than working with like-minded women for a common goal and a great cause? It was my goal from the start!

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