Just Nips™ Fake Nipples are the *official* stick-on nipples and the brain child of Molly Borman. 

Molly, who hates writing about herself in the third person, is going to take over from here. 

Wow third person really sucks, right? Hey - it’s me, Molly! Anyway, thanks so much for coming to check out Just Nips™ Fake Nipples! I KNOW you’re going to be obsessed. In fact, you probably already are!

Everyone always asks me how I got to this point (running a fake nipple company and all) so long story short, I love the look and made it happen. I spent every free second in 2016 bringing Just Nips™ Fake Nipples to life, from packaging design to market testing and everything in between. 

From the start, I always knew Just Nips™ Fake Nipples would be involved with breast cancer awareness and care in some way, but I wasn’t sure how. 

Initially, my main focus was to have accredited self-check breast exam instructions printed on the inside of each and every box, but I quickly learned that breast cancer organizations wanted nothing to do with Just Nips™ Fake Nipples without a hefty donation on our end. This was frustrating, to say the least, because I knew we didn’t have the money…. but we did have Just Nips™. 

As the product gained publicity, women from all over the world reached out to share their stories about post-mastectomy life without nipples. Instead of directing them to our Shop page, I asked for their mailing address and we shipped samples out immediately free of charge. It was the least we could do.

So, that is how our donation program started. And now it’s way more official. We have successfully donated over 1,000 Just Nips™ Fake Nipples to various breast cancer associations and women in need across the country. 

Oh and P.S. coming soon, each box of Just Nips™ Fake Nipples will have self-check breast exam instructions printed on the inside. 

Any more questions? Email me at